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We specialize in "Souvlaki Parties" and promise you'll enjoy your party along with your guests! We offer traditional skewered lamb and chicken souvlaki barbequed on the spot and then served with salad and of course, tzatziki (garlic sauce) wrapped in pita bread or choose an open souvlaki. Other sauces are also available such as tomato, barbecue, sweet chilli and hot chilli. Our mobile souvlaki shop comes to you! Our chefs cook on the spot and serve to meet all individual requests. Why Us? OzVlaki is a mobile kitchen and therefore there is no need for us to use your kitchen or equipment. You don't have to worry about setting up or packing up. Let the expertise of OzVlaki make your function a success! Call on 0490 115 649 for a Qoin quote. Happy to accept Qoin. Operating within a 50km range of Dingley Village.

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